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Terence Parr (parrt at cs.usfca.edu)
Project Lead and Supreme Dictator. Professor at the University of San Franciso.


Terence Parr. ANTLR 3.0 core software including LL(*) algorithm.

Jean Bovet. ANTLRWorks GUI Development environment.

Sriram Srinivasan. Feedback and general discussions on LL(*) algorithm.

Loring Craymer, Monty Zukowski, John Mitchell, and Ric Klaren. Active discussions of 3.0 functionality including trees (some ideas taken from Loring's 2.8e extensions) and attribute mechanism.

Active target authors.

ANTLR interest list. Always excellent feedback and ideas from the user community.

Others. Matt Benson converted all my unit tests to use junit. Also big help on Ant file and Tool.java goodies.


Terence Parr main coder.

John Lilly helped with initial coding of ANTLR 2.x.

Ric Klaren. C++ code generation. The original C++ generator was done by Peter Wells.

Micheal Jordan, Kunle Odutola and Anthony Oguntimehin. C# code generation

Wolfgang Häfelinger and Marq Kole. Python code generation.

Marco van Meegen and Brian Smith. Source changes for Eclipse and NetBeans

Scott Stanchfield. Lots of additions to code like early debugging interface (for his ParseView debugger), VAJ support, clean up, etc...

Gary Funck and Aaron Sawdey. Co-authors of the SORCERER ideas that got folded into ANTLR 2.x as the tree parser generator.

Substantial intellectual effort donated by the following fabulous Humans:
  • Loring Craymer
  • Monty Zukowski
  • John Mitchell
  • Scott Stanchfield
  • Jim Coker
  • Chapman Flack (UNICODE, streams)
ANTLR interest list. Always excellent feedback and ideas from the user community.


Terence Parr. Coder and tireless enforcer of strict model-view separation. Implementor and co-designer.

Tom Burns. Co-designer.

I would like to acknowledge the authors of the ST C# port, Michael Jordan and Kunle Odutola, and the authors of ST Python port, Marq Kole and Luis Leal. Jim Idle co-designed the group interfaces. Ric Klaren co-designed template regions. John Snyders provided a useful implementation of the format option and sends in awesome bug fixes. John Mitchell, Loring Craymer, Monty Zukowski, Matthew Ford, and Sriram Srinivasan have provided very useful feedback and lots of ideas as have the many ST and ANTLR users.

Software Support

Perforce. Revision control system of the gods.
The best Java IDE The best Java IDE.
CLOVER. Great code coverage tool.
JProfiler. Great profiling tool for Java!


University of San Francisco. Internet pipe. Nice office for supreme dictator Terence overlooking the Pacific Ocean.